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The Volunteer Training

What does it cover?

The Volunteer training is intended to provide you with some of the tools you will need in the role of Volunteer. It also forms part of the selection process, where it can help us assess your skills, qualities and abilities. It also helps to inform any future supervision or support needs you may have if you are selected.

Training consists of four main parts: –

  • Domestic Abuse Awareness
  • MK-ACT – Who we are and What Services we offer
  • Confidentiality, Healthy Working Relationships & Boundaries
  • Safe Working Practices & Lone Working

The training is delivered by the Volunteer Coordinator and other experienced MK-ACT staff.
There is time built into each session for trainees  to ask questions and for us to give relevant case examples to enhance your learning.

MK-Act Training

This training focuses on who we are and all the various services that we offer

The Domestic Abuse Awareness Training

This part of the training is delivered by experienced members of the MK-ACT staff team, who also provide this level of training to professionals such as Social Work Teams and Health Visitors. It will give you an overview of the dynamics of Domestic Abuse, how it develops, its impact and what can help in recovery from abusive relationships.

The Training in Confidentiality, Healthy Relationship Boundaries and Safety

This part of the training is delivered by the Volunteer Coordinator and other members of the MK-ACT staff team and is specifically tailored to the needs and requirements of MK-ACT Volunteers.It will help you to consider the importance of confidentiality and how best to maintain it. Trainees will also discuss the particular need for ensuring the safety of clients who have experienced domestic abuse and consider how to develop safe working practices for yourself.  We will also help you to consider how to create and maintain a professionally boundaried relationship in which to provide your Voluntary commitment.

The training also helps you to consider your own development needs. It is informal, discussion based, will not include “role-play” and nobody will be put in the “hot seat”.

Support And Supervision

All Volunteers are offered formal supervision and informal support whatever role they undertake within MK-ACT. Attendance at supervision sessions is mandatory and fulfils part of the Volunteer Agreement. Supervision and support should be engaged with in a positive attitude.

The purpose of supervision is to:

  • Appreciate and value the Volunteer by supporting and developing your work
  • Help maintain the Volunteer’s input by providing emotional and practical support
  • Reduce stress and isolation
  • Monitor and evaluate the relationship with the service user or staff and set objectives for ongoing work, if appropriate

We also need to ensure the accountability of the organisation when using volunteers to carry out tasks on our behalf, so therefore we need to monitor that:

  • Volunteers are doing what they say they are, and what they are supposed to be doing
  • The objectives of any volunteer/service user relationship are being met or required tasks are being completed
  • The appropriate boundaries are being observed
  • There is no exploitation of service users or the Volunteer – emotionally, physically, socially or financially