Fresh Start is a specialist domestic abuse prevention programme, which works to address the cause of the problem, by engaging with individuals who have issues in relation to violent, abusive, intimidating or controlling behaviours in their intimate or family relationships. The service aims to increase the safety of both partners and children and prevent further incidents of abuse.

In Milton Keynes Fresh Start offers a structured group work programme, a tailored 1-2-1 service and parenting interventions. All the interventions aim to change behaviour, promote responsibility and accountability, provide alternative behavioural strategies, improve communication skills, increase parenting capacity and promote respectful relationships and attitudes.

Fresh Start is accessible by both men and women including those in same sex relationships.

Alongside is an essential comprehensive, risk informed partner support and advice service.

Offering one-to-one support to partners or ex partners of those who have been referred on to Fresh Start, this enables them to have 1-2-1 emotional and practical support, promoting independence and empowerment.

It is essential that there is a partner support service working alongside the Perpetrator programme to prioritise safety and to ensure the intervention with the offender does not increase risk to the partners and children. However the support offered is voluntary and the decision to accept or not does not impact the (EX)partner suitability for attending the programme.

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