MK-法是专门的家庭暴力服务的MK, 投产 2008 米尔顿凯恩斯委员会和管理的由米尔顿凯恩斯妇女的援助.


  • 危机干预 (CIS) - 服务热线, 信息咨询, 支持, 紧急避难. CIS service is for male and female clients escaping a partner, ex partner (including same sex relationships) or a family member.
  • 紧急避难 - 专门建造的住宿 28 的支持键工人的家庭. Refuge is for female clients and their children only.
  • 儿童和青少年服务 - 居民的避难
  • 小组工作 - 自由计划, El-Hifzat的伊拉姆 (设计MK-ACT为少数族裔背景的妇女)
  • 训练: MK ACT offers specialist Domestic Abuse Training for organisations and companies. For more details and costs please email
  • Fresh start: A programme of integrated individual sessions designed to change the behaviour of those who use domestic abuse, 同时提供支持的合作伙伴和参与者在节目的前合作伙伴